Hair Planting With Fue Technique

Hair Planting With Fue Technique

Hair Planting With Fue Technique


Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the process of transplanting one by one the hair from the donor area, situated on the back of the head, into the hair loss area. The hair is taken with the help of a micromotor device with the fue needles method. We realize the hair transplantation with fue needles with an inner diameter of 0.4 mm.

With the Fue technique, hair transplantation is realized without feeling pain. After the operation you can get back to normal life.

With fine fue needles, there is no trace of hair transplantation in both transplanted and donor area, which make natural and dense the transplanted hairs.

The Fue technique hair transplantation is a procedure in which the grafts are extracted from the appropriate hairy areas (donor area) taking one by one of individual follicular units, with a micromotor of special punch of 0.4 – 0.7 mm in diameter, that doesn’t leave any kind of scratches. The obtained roots are placed by the experts into the channels they open to the hairless areas. The FUE technique has become the preferred method since it does not leave visible traces on the donor area.

Using the Fue technique, the follicular units (grafts) with hair follicles are removed from the back and sides of the scalp and, if needed, removed from the chest region or the lower region of the beard, and hair is transplanted to the desired area. In the donor and transplanted areas is used only local anesthesia. It is a seamless, painless method that does not leave any traces or scares in your head. Nurhaircenter Clinic can apply up to 5500-6000 grafts (this number corresponds to approximately 12,000-20,000 hair follicles) in one operation with FUE technique.


Since hair transplantation is a microsurgical operation, pricing can vary according to the transplanted area, price information will be given after a detailed analysis. Some operations can be completed at the end of 4-5 hours and this time period can be decrease and increase in direct proportion to the size of the area where the operation will be done. We would like you to know that Nur Hair Operations are done with 2-3 specialists in order to reduce the stress of the patient and shortens the operation’s time and without charging a difference fee. For this reason in way to give a price we need to see photographs of the hairless and donor area or we can arrange a face-to-face interview in our office, for giving more details about operation and price.
Click HERE to get a free detailed analysis and for price information. After sending us send the Detailed Hair Analysis Form with your pictures, we will answer back by giving all the information you need.


The characteristics of the Fue method are:

• is a process where the grafts are taken individually without damaging the cellular tissue .
• There is no incision or stitching in the area where hair is removed. In the area where the roots are taken, small abrasions of 0.6-0.7 mm are formed and these abrasions are closed in a few days and they heal without leaving a trace.
• With this technique, grafts taken from the back area of the head are used for transferring hair, as well as eyebrow, mustache and beard transfer.
• From 4,000 to 6,000 grafts can be taken depending on the average donor area and the number of roots to be implanted in a session. 1 graft can have 3 hairy bars sometimes 2, sometimes only one hair, so for example 6000 grafts mean normally 12000 hairs ; This number can go up to 18 000 hairs.
• Each graft has between 1 and 5 hairs. 1 graft hair, average 2 – 2.5 hair is accepted.
• Depending on the number and number of roots obtained, 50 – 60 hair roots per square centimeter are possible.
• This method is also preferred because it is not painful and has a short healing period after the operation.
The transplanted hairs start to fall at the end of the first month, after 2 – 3 months of hair transplantation, they start to grow out and getting longer. At 6th month hair grows giving a good image of the head. However, the best state of the hair is completed within 1 – 1.5 years after completing the adaptation process. The extracted hair won’t fall because taken from the area that is coded not to be falled. The hair comes out in the same color and of the individual hairs. We take in consideration also the present hairs, their direction and shape and the nature of the front hairline, which is important for a good result.

“The needle fue system is the system that allows maximum graft removal from the donor area (behind the two ears). The number of grafts extracted is higher because of the 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm diameter needle used by the apparatus, letting the donor area heals in 10 days. Since the graft taken from the donor area is taken in a proportional manner, the donor area will heal in a natural way without noticing the extraction”

Advantages of Hair transplantation with Needle FUE Technique

No cutting
Give the desired direction to the hair
No waiting between sessions
No stitching
No bleeding
Chest hair transfer
No waiting between sessions
More tissue transfer
No sign
Transfer from beard to head
A more dense transplantation
A short healing time
A more natural look