Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache Transplantation


In men, as the appearance of healthy intense hairs, the importance of beard and mustache has the same importance in terms of self-confidence. As well as hair problems, beard and mustache problems in men can be also seen.
How is the transplantation of beard and mustache?

The beard-mustache transplantation is also carried out from the hairy area between the two ears in the neck, which is also called the safe area for men. Just like in hair transplantation, beard and mustache are also made by Fue technique. There is no serious pain as it is in the face transplantations. Beard, and mustache transplants are as successful as natural hair images.
Those are the question you should ask your expert about Beard and mustache.

– How many beard and mustache transplantation have you done before?

– look at sample pictures of people that have done there beard and mustache transplantation.

When beard and mustache are done by a specialist in the field of transplantation, the results will be seen in a shorter time than hair transplantation and the operation will not leave a trace.


1.Stage in Beard and mustache’s empty spaces are transferred the grafts, whicj as in hair transplantation, are taken from the area between the two ears with FUE method by micro motor or manually. The area where hair roots are taken is shaved and numbed by local anesthesia. The hair follicles taken from this area are also sorted and counted, and kept in a special solution. This process takes about 2 hours.

2. Stage local anesthesia is done on the recipient area and channels are opened in way to transplant hair roots in beard and mustache with a natural direction. This process takes an average of 1 hour.

3. Stage Local anesthesia is applied to beard and mustache, so no pain can be felt.

The most important part of the operation is the planting hair roots taken with the FUE technique inside the beard boundaries. The number of specified roots and the beard mustache line can be processed by the doctor and the patient’s approval. If there is regional beard-mustache loss in the person, planting is planned in base of beard-mustache frequency and made harmonious with the other hairs. If there is no hair growth in the face area, the roots transplanted in beard can between 1000-3000, depending on the frequency and extent of the beard desired by the person. This process takes an average of 2 hours.
For the mustache area 500 to 800 roots are sufficient. In Beard Transplantation there will not be a problem when it will be washed the next day, but there can appear reddening for 10 days. There will be no trace of the hair roots in the donor area.
Immediately after the transplantation, the first appearance of the reddening caused by the blood in the area where needles were used, it will be washed after 24-48 hours. The transplanted beard will start to appear like the natural beard after 2-3 days. There are small redheads like acne within 2-3 days, this slightly red image disappears in 1-2 weeks. The beard-mustache that continues to grow after planting can be shortened or extended by scissors after 10 days. The first shaving should preferably be done after 1 month in order for the roots to be held sufficiently. During the second week, the beard and the mustache that are planted come to a temporary falling. After 4-8 months all the hairs will reappear. At the end of 2 years the hair root acquires the characteristic character of the region and completes the extension process like natural beards.